Sunday, March 22, 2015

DIY No-cost Hiking Stick Clip

One of the items that has been outstanding on my list of things to complete for some time is to fit some kind of clip to secure the hiking stick on the tiller when it's not being used.

I looked around online for something that would work, and even ordered some nylon clips from Duckworks, but they didn't end up working, as they were too small and too stiff.  Might use them for something else sometime.

So today I implemented an idea I had a while ago to make my own clip. A few years ago I used rubber strips cut from the tread of a worn out implement tire to pad the steel crosspieces on a canoe trailer.  

I thought that some simlar material might work here, so drew a pattern on one of the left over sidewalls and cut it out on the bandsaw.  This is cut from above the bead area, but where the rubber is still pretty thick. Note that this type of tire has no steel belts in it.

I was able to smooth the edges with the disc sander, and then I drilled a hole to secure it with a #10 x 1" stainless screw. Tightening down the screw pulls it into the rubber nicely.  My countersink was of no use in the rubber.

I think it turned out pretty nice.  It has just the right amount of tension in it, and should last indefinitely.  Plus, I like making something out of nothing.

What do you think? A eco-friendly way to recycle an old tire into a good-looking and useful product?  Or an ugly monstrosity that would never be seen on your boat?


  1. Awesome. I am just now in the process of setting up a hiking stick. This is great info. Thanks.

  2. Great idea. You may want to weave some para-cord on the wood to give a better grip when wet. Walking sticks making is a great hobby that extends you outdoors trips in doors.