Monday, February 17, 2014

First bulkheads installed

It's a milestone!  The boat is now in 3D!  No longer a collection of flat panels, I've finally got some very visible progress.  Bulkheads 4 through 7 and the seat longitudinals are now all in place, glued and filleted.

This was a bit of a nerve-wracking process.  There were a lot of moving bits and some slippery with glue.  A second pair of hands was very welcome.  Once the fillets hardened up, all the pieces are very firmly fixed together and the whole structure has stiffened up.

Working around the limber holes was tricky, and I have a little bit of further work to do here before I'm satisfied.

These fillets are not perfect, but are pretty good.  I can spend a little time removing rough spots after all is hardened up.

Here's a view down the startboard side from the bow.  The round hole is in bulkhead 4 and will take a 6" hatch.

All in all, I'm very pleased with this latest progress!

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