Thursday, April 10, 2014

Hull panels done - some fisheye fun!

To finish off the hull panels, I taped the joints between the hull panels and bow/stern transoms, and trimmed the panels off flush with the ends of the boat, which looks nice.

Next I vacuumed out the hull and ran a tack cloth over it before coating the interior of the hull panels with their third and final coat of epoxy.  I had applied the first two quite a while ago when the panels were flat on the bench.  I used a roller, and then tipped out the bubbles with a foam brush.

Then I grabbed the fisheye lens for my camera to take these shots, which accentuate the nice curves on this boat!

After the epoxy cures I'll remove the gloss by hand sanding with a sanding sponge, then will apply two coats of white paint to finish off those interior areas.

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