Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Seats installed

Now that the cockpit floor is installed, I next moved on to the seats.  The starboard seat gets a section cut out to provide access to the centerboard from above, which will be handy to have when installing the centerboard.  Since I don't much like square corners, I layed out a curve on the aft end.

I didn't cut this access the full length of the slot, but left it about 8 inches short.  The idea there is to have no seams at the aft end of the trunk.  I have heard that some boats with the cover cut full length could get some water splashing/seeping through the joints, leading to wet clothing, and a recommended solution for that was to have a shorter opening, so I'm trying that.  

For the long straight cut I set up a fence and used the jig saw, after first flattening the set out of the blade with hammer and anvil in order to get a narrower kerf.  

For the corner I used a coping saw, which worked out pretty well.  I should have paid a little more attention to keeping the cut vertical, but it worked out fine.

I rounded over the edges a bit with sandpaper. 

And then put the final coat of epoxy on the underside of the seats and let that cure overnight.

In the morning I spread thickened epoxy on all the cleats and edges of the seat front on set the seats in place. I took care that they fit pretty well, so didn't need any clamps - just a few 23 gauge pins to snug it down and get a little glue squeeze-out. 

I didn't glue the joint between the back of the seats and the hull panels; that joint will be secured when I apply a fillet of epoxy along the joint, which will be the next job.

I'm always glad when the big glue jobs are done!


  1. Dave, love the curved cut at the aft end of the CB cover, very elegant. You have inspired me to do the same…much better looking. Love the narrow kerf! I'm probably 6 months behind you…can you hear my foot steps :)

    1. Thanks, Brent. I'll try to stay ahead of you!