Saturday, August 16, 2014

Port gunwale and deck carlins in place

After the troubles I'd been having with scarf joints giving way under the head of steam bending, I was careful on the port gunwale to avoid steaming the two scarf joints present there.  I steamed the gunwale in sections, and that's easy to do using the plastic bag method of containing the steam.

The gunwale bent without any breakage, and again I used most of my clamps to glue that on to the hull.

For the carlins that support the deck, I was able to use single lengths of sitka spruce left over from my mast stock, so didn't have to worry about joints.  Here the whole length is being steamed.

And here clamped in place.  I clamp in place while it's still in the bag, and can even keep steaming while bending the part into place.

After the wood has cooled down, I unclamp and slip the bag off, then reclamp and allow the wood to dry. The next step for these is to glue them in and plane them to accept the deck. 

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