Thursday, October 2, 2014

Cabin roof finished (and mistakes recovered from)

With the cabin roof in place, it was now time to dress up the edges.  I could see when I positioned the roof that I would have some work to do, as things didn't line up quite right.  

First I cut and fit the doublers that go aft of B4 to see how things were lining up.  

And I believe I have made another little mistake here.  I think the cabin roof doubler should fit above the cabin side doubler, not inside it.  But I had already cut it too short to do that...  

Here you can see that I'll need to add a little material to the back end of the cabin side.

First glue-up was the cabin roof doublers on both the fore and aft edges.

And then I attached the cabin side doublers.

With the front doubler in place you can see that the cabin roof is skewed.  This looks pretty bad here, but I really can't see anything out of line just looking at the boat, so I'm not worried about this.  I did so some careful measuring of the roof panel, to see if I could blame this on a mis-cut part, but that doesn't seem to be the case. 

I think that although bulkheads B1-B4 are held with the correct spacing with an alignment jig at assembly time, I must have had some twist in there somewhere so they are not quite square with the fore-aft center line. 

So I got a bit of scrap plywood out, made one edge straight, 

and glued it on 

and after the epoxy cured I trimmed it to size and sanded it, and it looks good.  Will be invisible under the paint.

A similar pieced was needed on the aft edge of the roof

And after a bit of sanding this looks good, too.  I haven't trimmed the end here and the rear edge has not been planed or rounded over.

Next I moved on to address the back edge of the cabin sides.  Here you can see that I needed to extend the sides aft a bit. 

So I cut a piece of scrap ply to fit and installed that with epoxy.

After trimming and sanding, this looks good.  Mistakes or inaccuracies like this are easily recovered from (and that's good!).

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