Thursday, October 2, 2014

Transom cap installed

With the seat backs in place, I could now move on to install the transom cap.  

This was a bit of a problem to deal with.  It's fairly stiff and needs to be beveled on the ends to fit against the deck.  As I was fitting this I discovered that I had beveled the top of the transom in the wrong direction (lower in back), so I fixed that first.

After a bit of trial and error I got the bevel right on the cap right, and with a set of helping hands secured the ends with a block and screw.

To fill the void under the cap and above the deck, I shaped an insert that I could glue in place.  You can see here I cut it a little short, but a little thickened epoxy will take care of that more easily than remaking the part.

After gluing in the spacer blocks I glued down the transom cap and held the ends in place with three screws each.  

I also glued the doubler under the cap at the same time.

After the epoxy cured I unclamped and sanded a roundover on both edges.  Looks good and really stiffens up the transom. 

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