Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Deck supports complete

With the carlins steamed and bent into shape,  epoxying them into place was the next step. A couple clamps were needed to keep them in place until the epoxy cured.

Next up was planing the top surfaces of the carlins and gunwales so that the deck would lay flat on them.  The block plane was the tool of choice, and it made lots of fun curly shavings when held at an angle to the stock.

Nice looking result.  I went ahead and filleted around the carlin/bulkhead joints at this point.

Between B3 and B4 I drilled a series of holes to provide convenient anchor points for small items.

Up front I installed a couple cleats at the bow in case I need to anchor anything there.  At this point I'm thinking I'll have an open cleat there to lead the painter through if I have one attached to the bow eye.

When I test fit the deck I discovered that the plywood cleat that supports the aft end of the front deck was about 1/8" too low with respect to the cleats.  To fix that I covered a light batten with packing tape and sprung it across the cleats where the deck would lie.  I put another piece of packing tape on the face of B2, and filled the space under the batten with thickened epoxy.

After it cured, I removed the batten and peeled off the tape.  A nice clean job resulting in a perfectly fit spacer to support the back of the deck.


  1. Great idea on the holes between B3 & B4. I also did a series of holes through the two cabin support beams aft of the SCAMP Ramp in the cuddy. There is about 12" that will take 3 or 4 holes


    1. Thanks, Simeon! I thought holes in the beams would be useful, too, and I did put some in, but I can't claim it was my idea - I think I picked it up from someone else.

      While I was at it, I also put a couple holes in the beams forward of B3 in case I wanted to hang something in that protected area. You can see them in one of the photos on this post: http://woodnmetalguy.blogspot.com/2014/03/cabin-and-front-deck-beams-cockpit-sole.html

      -- Dave

  2. Nice curves on the carlins Dave, almost as pretty as a women!