Friday, December 27, 2013

Graphite coating

Since last update it's been more sanding and epoxy work, and there are no compelling photos from that, but here's a shot showing the second coat on the interior surface of three of the hull panels.

I had a little epoxy left over, so I experimented with mixing graphite in, and applied another coat to the inside of the centerboard case side.  I found the mixture rolled on just fine, though I will need at least one more coat to finish filling the weave of the cloth.

I understand that the graphite/epoxy mixture cures to a very hard and abrasion resistant finish. And that's just what is needed on the inside of the centerboard case where the board swings up and may contact the sides of the case.  I'll use this same mixture on the other side of the centerboard case, as well as on the centerboard itself.

For this job I used some vintage graphite a neighbor gave me about 20 years ago.  The text on the container says this is grade 402A, which is 'ground to an impalpable fineness'.


  1. Hi Dave,

    Looking really good Dave. Keep up the good work.

    Regarding coating the inside of the planks - the guys at SCAMP Camp #1 indicated it is best to put at most 2 coats before installing these - might make it too difficult to bend the planks, esp the garboard plank at the stem end. I am putting just one, so I can sand the first-coat-bubbles on the bench. 2nd and 3rd coats will go on after they are installed, both coats on the same day (aka hot coating).


  2. Thanks for the tip, Craig! I've got two coats on and sanded, so the planks are ready for installation and a third coat once installed. I don't look forward to sanding them once they are in, but think I'll have to rough them up before paint. I want to have all interior surfaces painted white to brighten up the storage areas. -- Dave