Thursday, December 12, 2013

Sanding, more epoxy, first fiberglass on mast trunk

Since last update I've been spending a lot of time sanding all the parts that I've previously epoxy coated.  The power sander made a good job of the flats, but all the edges including access holes and  scuppers were done by hand.  Took some time.

Today I put the second coat of epoxy on the original parts, and the first coat on some new pieces.  It works good to hang them up on a 2x2, otherwise it would take a lot of room to lay them all out somewhere.

A couple days ago I gathered together the parts of the mast trunk to see how that fits together.

I'm going to preassemble this part, as it's easier to work on it on the bench.  I started by putting two layers of six ounce cloth on the inside where the mast will impact as it's inserted.  After that was cured I trimmed the glass.  The remaining parts of the mast trunk got the first epoxy coat today.

I had a bit of epoxy left over the other day, and mixed in some microballoons (tiny glass spheres that make sanding easier) and faired some of the rough and uneven portions of the centerboard and rudder.  I haven't tried sanding this down yet, so will have to report results later.

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