Sunday, December 22, 2013

Puzzle joint clean-up

Today I removed the clamps from the hull panel glue-up to reveal nice-looking joints.  

Here's the top one with the waxed paper still on it.  The waxed paper peeled off with no problems and didn't even appear to have been used.  So that worked great.

I found it worked well to take off most of the squeeze-out using a hand scraper.

And then the random-orbit sander cleaned things up nicely.  These joints  look like they don't fit especially close, but that's because I rounded the edges slightly before assembly so things would slip together more easily.

Later on I applied epoxy to the puzzle joints in the hull bottom.  I made an impromptu foam brush from part of a roller cover and stuck it in the slotted dowel that was originally the handle for a store-bought foam brush.  That worked much better than my technique yesterday of just using the stirring stick to apply the epoxy. 

This joint is a lot wider, so I clamped it up as shown below.  The 2x4 has a slight crown in the middle, so that when I apply clamp pressure on the ends I end up with pressure across the entire joint as the board straightens out..

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