Monday, December 16, 2013

Sanding, epoxy, and fiberglass work

Since last update I've spent quite a bit of time with the sander, sanding all the parts that had their second coat of epoxy (bulkheads), and some bid ones with their first coat (seat longitudinals and centerboard case side).  

I still need to scuff up the edges by hand, but after that the parts with two coats applied are ready for installation in the hull.  After they are in place paint is the final coating.

Digging through the scraps of 6 oz. fiberglass I had from a previous kayak project, I found a piece just large enough for the inside pieces of the centerboard case, so decided to install that next.  I'll have to place an order for some more so it's on hand when I need it for the bottom of the hull.

It's always fun to see the fiberglass go clear and show the wood grain underneath as the epoxy saturates the cloth.

I also put the second coat of epoxy on the inside of the bow transom and the inside of the mast trunk pieces.  I used a section of foam roller to tip out the air bubbles left by the roller, and it leaves a pretty nice finish.

And today I sanded the second coat of epoxy on the inside of the mast trunk pieces. Assembling this will be one of the next jobs coming up, and it will be fun to be at the point of starting to put some parts together! 

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