Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Almost hull panel time

I've now completed the second coat of paint on the interior spaces, and it looks great.  Two coats of Rustoleum Gloss White covers nicely.  Here you can see the shine.  That should go a long way towards brightening the storage areas, and it will be easy to see whether they are clean or not.

So I thought I was finally at the long-anticipated point of starting to put on the hull panels.  I grabbed the garboard panel on the port side and put it in place to check for fit and consider my strategy for keeping it on the boat.  

As of now, I plan to stitch the panel in place along the bottom seam with copper wire, and probably at each bulkhead, then fillet in place.  I haven't yet decided whether to push down the stitches and fillet over them, as I did on my kayaks, or to fillet between them, and remove the stitches before filleting those areas.

At any rate, I discovered I was a little premature with the hull panel, as I had neglected to epoxy seal the edges of the bottom of the hull.

Nothing for it but to take care of that now, so I went around the edge of the hull bottom and applied unthickened epoxy with a disposable brush.  I got a box of about 100 of these for not much money, and they are really handy for jobs like this.  I also did raw edges of the transom which needed coating since I had beveled them to accept the hull panels.


  1. Dave, the bright white looks awesome and reminds me of a proper sailing rig. Nice job, you've convinced me to use Rustoleum Gloss White when I get to this phase.

    1. Thanks, Brent. I think it finishes things off nicely. I plan to use this same paint (but different color) for the exterior of the hull also.