Friday, March 21, 2014

Transom installed

I'm itching to start getting hull panels installed, and not having the transom installed on the boat was one of the things standing in the way.

Earlier I had epoxied the transom doubler on to the transom while the two parts were off the boat and easy to handle and work with.  But one potential problem I could forsee was possible difficulty in getting the cockpit sole (the floor) installed later on, since that piece fits up against the transom and fits under the doubler.  And is a tight fit up forward.

I had read of another builder who ended up trimming the aft edge of the sole off to get it installed.  I'd prefer to not do that, so I decided to plane off the corner of the doubler at the bottom to give me some clearance to install the sole later on.

I got out my trusty #5 plane with the Hock blade and started making shavings.

It didn't take long and the job was done.  I really like using the plane - such a sense of getting something done!

Looks pretty good as I dry fit the transom.

So I mixed up some thickened epoxy and installed it.

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