Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Cabin and front deck beams, cockpit sole cleats installed

I have now constructed and installed the beams that support the cabin roof and the front deck.  

Installing the deck beams fixes the bow transom in place, and I wanted to be very sure that it was centered.  The keel piece had somewhat of a bend to it, so I carefully measured from the corners of B3 to the top corners of the bow from both sides.  I pulled the bow over to the right and held it in place with a stick and two clamps.

Then measured again.  And eyed it up from the front.  And measured again...  Finally decided to go ahead and glue up the beams with thickened epoxy.

Here the ends of the deck beams poke through B2.  

After the epoxy cured and I removed the clamp I measured again.  And it wasn't straight.  <sigh>  So I softened up the epoxy with a heat gun where the beams pierced B2 and pulled it over to the right a little more and reclamped.  2nd try was perfect, so I went ahead and reinforced all the joints with fillets to fix things permanently in place.

Here's a shot of the cabin roof support beams.  Before installing these, I drilled a couple 3/8" holes and chamfered the edges.  These are in case I want to hang something from these supports sometime.  I also rounded over the edges that didn't meet other pieces, and then coated with 2 coats of epoxy.

I also cut and installed the cockpit sole cleats, except for the ones aft of B7.  These were installed with thickened epoxy.  I could clamp the side to side ones with bar clamps, but for the fore and aft cleats I braced them against each other with sticks.  This method of clamping is handy when it works. In both cases, I carefully aligned the cleats, then shot in a couple pins from my 23 gauge pin nailer to keep them from sliding around, then applied clamping pressure.

And here's the view after removing the clamps.  Looks nice.  One of my next steps will be to epoxy coat and paint all the interior spaces that will be easier to get at now while there are no hull panels to reach over. 

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