Saturday, March 1, 2014

Forward bulkheads installed

Finally time to get the remaining bulkheads in place.  First I trimmed a bit off the keel between B3 and B4 to allow clearance for the hatch backing plate that will be in the cockpit sole in that area.  It's much easier to make these change before the parts are installed.  

I then glued down the keel and B2 and B3 using thickened epoxy.  I used a couple sticks to push the center of B3 forward about 1/4" where it was tending to bow backward.

I also attached the cleats that will support the bow transom (bulkhead 1).  As with the seat cleats, I applied thickened epoxy, then used the pin nailer to temporarily hold them from sliding around while I attached clamps.  I like this method better than the suggested method of dry fitting the parts, drilling and fitting screws, disassembling, applying epoxy, assembling with screws, and then filling screw holes later.

I then planed the bevels on the bow transom so the hull panels meet up nicely, and installed that.  Again, pin nailer, followed by clamps.

After the glue dried on the joints, I followed up with structural fillets to bond all the pieces into place.  This is looking more like a boat all the time! 

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