Thursday, March 27, 2014

First panel filleted and taped - home made pastry bag

Today I got the first hull panel filleted and taped.  I decided to push the wire ties down into the crease and run my fillets over the top.  After the epoxy has cured I will snip them flush on the outside and the remainder of the wire remains in the joint.  This speeds the process because I don't have to install 'tack' fillets and then take a second pass to pull the wires, complete the fillets and apply the fiberglass tape.

I decided to use the 2-inch wide tape that that spanned the joint just fine.  There are a couple different ways to handle the application of the tape - what I did was to cut it to length before starting any epoxy and set it aside.  After the filled was run I laid the tape on top dry and smoothed it out with my fingers.  It sticks to the fillet, so you need to get it in the right place the first time.  I then wet it out with unthickened epoxy using one of the little metal handled acid brushes pictured in a previous post.  That was a little slow but allowed for good control

And the end result is clean and neat -

Even in the hard to access forward-most joint -

To get the epoxy right down in the joint where it needs to be I use a home-made pastry type bag made from a gallon zip-loc.  I fold it as shown, and tape it across the middle and along the edge.

Then turn it partway inside out and put it in a container that holds it up for filling.

I mix up my fillet mixture (here 6 pumps of epoxy, 2 plastic spoons of silica thickener, and about 4 spoons of wood flour)

And put it in the bag.

Use some type of roller to smoosh it to the corner, zip the top closed, and snip off the corner with a scissors.  Don't cut too much of the tip off!

I can refill this several times before it's too messy and I switch to a new bag.  To refill, I open the top a bit, blow it up like a balloon to separate the sides, fold over the tip and hold it with a clothespin, and then put it in the container ready to refill.

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