Wednesday, March 26, 2014

First hull panel wired!

I think this is exciting - tonight I got the first hull panel wired on and ready to epoxy!

I used a few copper wire ties, one clamp, and some bracing on the forward end to hold in in place, and it fit very nicely.  

The front end of the panel took quite a bit of force to get into position.  In this photo you can see I've got two braces running up and left against the wall to keep the bow from being pushed off to the side.  The larger C-clamp and its partially hidden twin are holding a piece of 3/4" pine against the keel plywood to keep that from flexing.  

Barely visible running off to the lower right is the brace bearing against the hull panel.  Its lower end is kept from sliding out by being against a pipe clamp that runs back to the building jig base. 

A nice fair curve is what we're looking for here...

Here's a close up of one of the wire ties, secured through 1/16" holes and twisted with an aviation pliers, which is made for doing just this kind of thing.

I ran out of time before I could epoxy, so that's next.  I have two different widths of fiberglass tape on hand, 2" and 3", and I need to figure out which to use.  I believe the narrower is what is recommended, but it seems very narrow compared to my previous builds, which all used the 3" tape.  I just need to double check on that before going ahead, as this is applied over the fresh fillet and wet out, all in one session.

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