Saturday, March 1, 2014

Seat cleats and transom doubler

Next job was to install cleats along the bulkheads to provide glue surface for the seats, which are installed later on.  I cut pieces from the cleat stock that I had previously prepared, and applied thickened epoxy to the cleat.  I then lined up each cleat and shot a couple 23 gauge pins in to keep it from sliding around, then follow up with clamps to ensure I had good contact.

I cut the ends of the cleats at a 45 degree angle and sealed the ends with thickened epoxy.  Cutting the ends like this will give me more clearance when I later apply the fillets between the bulkheads and the hull panels 

I also took this opportunity to glue on the transom doubler.  I had some difficulty clamping this part.  I had the part on my plywood risers, but ran them from side to side rather than front to back to make sure the panel didn't bow.  Doing that meant that the risers were in the way of my deep-throat vise-grip clamps.  

I was able to reach  parts of the panel from the edge, and some from the tiller cutout using my home-made cam clamps, but still needed more pressure out in the middle of the panel.  I tried piling on all my leftover lead ingots, but that wasn't fully effective.  Using go-bars between the workpiece and the shop ceiling finally did the trick.

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